Every client we meet or product we do is opportunity to employ our curiosity for latest technologies, to flex our analytical minds and to explore our clients different visions and markets.

It is how we continue to grow and achieve to deliver great software, hardware and services.


Every customer is a success


Make it possible
Always exceed expectation
Perfection thru simplicity


Provide efficient technical solutions to our customers


  • Almost 15 years ago we already understood the importance of linking together hardware and software and to remotely manage them through the internet.

  • The result is a back-end platform that allows the remote management of uncounted unites throughout the world.

  • Next to our back office solution we developed many customer facing applications along with payment integration that have performed 10s of Millions of transactions

  • Throughout the years we have gathered an unique expertise, creating an invaluable hardware and software platform.


It is said that any solution breaks up into 10% idea and 90% execution

  • We have made it our vision to make the 90% as effortless and cost efficient as possible to bring your idea to life.

  • Our experienced development teams guide you from concept through integration, customer interface, and payment solution (if required).

  • It doesn’t stop with the finished product. We help with the market implementation as well as provide support throughout the life of a product.

Hardware and software as one unit 

  • Our intrinsic knowledge tells us that hardware and software belong together and need to be developed in synergy and that is exactly what we specialize in.

  • We work with our customers to develop the ideal hardware solution that gets the job done and then fuse it with our software solution to a solid unit that will allow you to focus on the execution and operation. We make sure that hardware and software will not be a distraction.

SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS – Remote inventory management

  • If your inventory is distributed throughout a large market and you want real time information, our platform is the perfect solution.

  • We have over 10 years of experience in RFID technology and how to integrate it with hardware and software.

  • You are faced with a difficult problem that requires a fast and cost efficient solution, our team can solve them cost efficiently and with minimum time effort.

  • You are looking for smart remote video surveillance, we have the platform for you that allows you to have access 24/7 at your finger tip.

  • We have been a leader in the development and implementation of automated solutions for over 10 years.

Instant Inventory Management


We are the LINK between software and hardware 

  • We have been building hardware and software for over 10 years. Our custom built hardware works in perfect synchronization with our software.

  • Our team offers 24/7 support for anything that might come up.

  • We are one partner from concept through implementation and beyond.

  • Because we work with our own platform and software we are able to keep development cost and time to a minimum.

  • You benefit from the many implementation and solutions that we have already completed and the extensive experience that we have accumulated.

  • We make it easy for new ideas to become reality and allow you to focus on execution as we take care of:

    – The development

    – Software front-end and back-end

    – Software-Hardware integration

    – Hosting of the Back-end

    – Support and training to build expertise in your team

    – Mange the IT infrastructure

    – Payment integration

    – Inventory management solution

We Handle Millions of Transactions


We Are Present On



Revolutionary software

Revolutionary software

What separates us from the majority is our high focus on software. We love developing forward-thinking systems that creates the future of managing business. We believe doing business should be fun and easy. Our creative team will gladly help you develop customized solutions to make your everyday life more convenient and effective, getting you closer to your customers. We put a lot of pride in making our systems flexible, user-friendly and scalable. And of course up-to-date and stable. We believe that every link of the chain must be as strong as the next. With our unique competence in the business we will be glad to develop and manufacture a groundbreaking system for you.

State-of-the-art hardware

State-of-the-art hardware

If you are looking for a kiosk-system, you have come to the right place! A network of kiosks from us is stable and scalable, while also being flexible and manageable for the operator.

A kiosk is an excellent distribution medium for many reasons. You have the ability to be where your customers are, day and night if so desired. You can easily move the kiosk wherever and whenever you want. A kiosk has unrivalled low operating costs – which means increased revenue for you. Your customers will be pleased – to do business with you will be fun, convenient and easy!

Support, updates, the whole package

Support, updates, the whole package

For your convenience, we are happy to take responsibility for both the hardware and the software. We also believe that a good support team is important, we therefor host and operate the back end technology on your behalf. Your system will remain up-to-date with the latest features and software updates.

Stable Payment Transactions

Stable Payment Transactions

Instant Systems provides transactions through both traditional swipe readers as well as Chip & Pin units (both off-line and online EMV). We handle millions of transactions across four continents and are a certified Payment Service Provider by the cardholder industry (PCI DSS).

Instant Systems was among the first providers to supply stand alone kiosks within Sweden that fulfilled the latest requirements. We have all the qualifications to set up a secure and stable transactions flow according to your preferences.

We know what it’s like to need support. Our philosophy is to treat you as we would like to be treated.

The vast majority of incoming problems can be resolved in real time, utilizing remote management tools or phone diagnostics.

Within 2020 the number of things connected to the Internet will be about 50 billion.

Our products are already there.

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Robotics and Automation

Instant Systems is able to support projects in a variety of ways. Our solutions are available to meet your requirements and they are safe and easy to set up and operate.

  • Robots are faster than people in many applications and can reduce unloading and loading time, which improves productivity and results in higher utilization of your capital equipment.

  • Unattended operation – In cases where parts can be staged for the robot, production can continue during breaks, lunch and, in some cases, overnight.

  • Robotic automation removes the inconsistency of the operator, improves production planning and reduces overtime.

  • Reduced training – When a robot is trained (taught) it’s trained forever.

  • Improved worker satisfaction – Workers involved with robotic equipment will be better satisfied with their job.

Robotic automation is cost-effective and the profit continues for years.

Instant Access

Instant Access is a technology family that perform inventory management in different variations with help of a combination of sensors and 3D-cameras.

Instant Smart Container

Our intrinsic tells us that hardware and software belong together and need to be developed in synergy and that is exactly what we specialize in. And through our past ten years of experience, it will be the most deserving of the creation of the world’s first Instant Smart Container.

The Instant Smart Container keeps track of who has taken what and when. The user unlocks the Instant Smart Container through an ID card or other requested identification at your choosing. The inventory in the Instant Smart Container is available 24/7 via mobile app or web interface. You can set the levels at minimum and maximum of materials stored in the Instant Smart Container, and the Instant Smart Container informs your subcontractors when it is time to refill the inventory. This improves efficiency, control and minimize theft on construction site.


This is a smart cooler that keeps track of who has taken what. The user unlocks the door by enter a personal username and password. After the user has taken the desired products those are billed to the users account.

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It draws customer attention thanks to its beautiful design, ability to follow the robotic movements through the front glass and the big 23.8” touch screen.

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This is a smart shelf system designed for industries and hospitals. By using IA-Shelf the company will at all time know it’s current inventory and thereby optimize purchase and logistic.


This is a product designed to control who has taken what. The user unlocks the door by an ID card or credit card. After the user have taken the desired products and closed the door it will either charge the amount from the users credit card or register the products to the users account, depending on the set-up and configuration. The Operator will at all time know each cabinets current inventory.

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DVD & Blu-ray Rental Kiosks

Instant Systems has supplied thousands of DVD rental kiosks in more then 10 years world wide. This makes us one of the most experienced supplier there is with the most reliable system the market has to offer.


The DS800 DVD Rental kiosk handles 800 DVD/Blu-rays in slim cases. It is very compact and easily fitted in your store. The kiosk has separate slots for ejecting and returning DVD/Blu-rays to minimize mechanical movements and to optimize stability.

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The DS300 is the latest addition in our DVD-kiosk family which uses a mixture of existing technologies already used in earlier models. It is designed for low traffic locations and holds about 300 discs in slim cases. The design makes it a very compact DVD rental kiosk with a footprint of as little as 0,32 m2

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MSK400 – The indoor kiosk

This beautiful DVD Rental kiosk is made for indoor usage and can hold about 400 DVD/Blu-ray in original casing. It has two LED backlit panels where you can easily change content yourself.

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Banner Machine

Wouldn’t it be convenient to be able to print a banner with a name and a message when standing at the airport waiting for someone to arrive? We think so!

This groundbreaking kiosk can quickly and easily allow you to print anything from a name board to a 3-meter banner (1-10 feet). Everything is printed on canvas, something that is completely unique on the market.

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Making the daily routines at daycare and preschools easier and more fun!

WeCare is a versatile system designed with both personnel and parents in mind. Our technology makes daily routines more efficient, which gives the daycare personnel and parents the opportunity to focus more on the children and worry less about paperwork.

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